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A Simple Way To Cut Down On Spam

Have you ever posted your email address on a forum, webpage, message board, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc only to find that your email account suddenly starts to receive loads of spam & scam emails?

In fact anytime you post your email address to a publically accessible page on the internet you are almost literally asking for spam!
Why is that? you may ask, well because one technique that spammers use is to visit all the web pages that they can, and collect anything that looks like an email address to add to their mailing lists. Mostly they use scripts to harvest email addresses - thousands can be easily collected in a matter of hours. What's worse is that it is very difficult to remove yourself from these lists and they can and do get passed on to other spammers and scammers!

Protect yourself and your email account with hidethisemail.com - a simple, convenient and free method to thwart the spammers and scammers of this world!

How does it work? Well quite simply instead of you typing your email address on a webpage you show an image with your email address that can be seen and read by humans but cannot be harvested (collected) by the scripts that the spammers use.

HideThisEmail is a simple 3 Step utility that works!

  • Type your email address into the box above
  • Then choose how you want your email to be displayed
  • Save the image and that's it!
Once the above is complete you will be given a short link to use whenever and wherever you want your email to be displayed. We'll even send you a copy of the code (once only) so that you don't forget it in the future.

So the next time you want to add your email in a posting or on a webpage etc just add the code and beat the spammers!

Help us to help more people and stop the scourge of spam emails! Find out more about this service and why we started it here.